WWU Lawnstock Music Festival

  • EVENT Western Washington University's, Lawnstock Music Festival

  • DATE June 1sr, 2017 & 2018

  • LOCATION Communication Field, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA

  • WEBSITE Lawnstock Event Page

  • PROJECT TYPE Sensatorium, CUBIX Stage Design

WWU closes out the summer once again with an epic mix of soft grass, chill vibes, and this time a geodesic silent disco with massive stage design.

Western first contacted Sensebellum in early 2016 to work on a larger than life experience for the students finishing up the Spring quarter and heading into the summer.

"I think it’s really cool that the university puts things like this together that are free and open to all the students", Mcnamara said.” - Western Front



A perfect structure for the futuristic sensations known as "Silent Discos"

Why wear headphones when you can have the real thing? Well let us invite you to step into the zone. Each headphone is a snug fitted, music bumping, multiple channel tuning, world you put over your head.

You don't need a massive sound system, a laborious generator, nor ear plugs or missing voices. The silent disco is a multi-modal optimization of the classic dance party and is provided here via Secret Sounds Bellingham.

That is the beauty of the Sensatorium: it can create spaces for nearly any activity out of thin air and spark moments that last a lifetime.



The CUBIX was a favorite pick as it looks striking day and night.

Each year the cast of Cubes, LED Bars, and Moving Head lights have been applied in unique and fresh ways.

Since the festival lasts from the mid-afternoon until the evening it is important that the design speaks to the identity of the event at all hours. It's a special moment as the sun sets and the fixtures come to life to the surprise of many in the audience.