• EVENT Upstream Music Festival

  • DATE May 11-13th, 2017

  • LOCATION Occidental Park, Seattle, Wa

  • WEBSITE Upstream Music Fest

  • PROJECT TYPE Projection Mapping, Large Scale Lighting Installation, CUBIX

Upstream is a fresh festival sprouting from Pacific Northwest.

25 Venues. 100's of artists. 6+ Blocks. 3 Days. Plus our mix of large scale projection mapping and an immersive tree based lighting installation open to all in downtown Seattle.

Wide picture of city and trees reflecting at upstream music festival with sensebellum

When Upstream came to us we were thrilled. Here was a great chance to activate areas of downtown with a fresh mix of local music, art, and ideas. Many ideas were thought of but what coalesced was 3 cores - live painting on buildings via projections, massive overhead array off connected lights in the trees, and a beacon upstream on the 22nd floor of the Smith Tower.



Part arboretum. Part cosmic lighting display. This is the Arborealis Tree Lighting System. 120+ custom LED tubes raced up and down the block of 12 trees with patterns of rich color, bright whites, and subtle hues that rendered the entire space magical. 

This installation represents the phenomena of emergence. Each LED is simple, yet together, the lights can send ripples up and down the block in ways that are dazzling but also would never be seen in just 1 LED. The complex patterns "emerge" through the multiplicity of simple LEDs acting together.

This installation is scalable with a range of different lighting options for both temporary and long term installations in all sorts of environments.



Design a system to allow artists to paint and collage on architecture in real time using projection mapping. Then sit back and watch the artwork unfold.

The canvas was a laser cut copy of a 5-story building directly in front of the artist. As night drew near the 45k lumens of projected light mapped the live video feed of the artist's canvas - with all the windows lined up perfectly - so that the artists could paint green on the 3rd story and it would appear on the building instantaneously. It was tech. It was art. It was magical.

Thank you to Julia Greenway for helping curate the amazing talent of Chris JordanAlexander BoeschensteinBrit Ruggirello, and Liz Tran. Thank you all so much!



The CUBIX Modular Staging System came through once again at a few venues around Upstream Music Fest - the 22nd Floor Balcony of Smith Tower and the Glavanize Rooftop. 

On the Smith, a beacon was sought to make that norhternmost venue visible from all points. Using a mix of CUBIX pieces with our new line of outdoor rated LED scaffolding we constructed an abstract miniature version of the Smith Tower.

With Galvanize, a DJ Table was needed, 8' wide, 3' high, ready to rock indoor and outdoos. Thanks again to POSSI for organizng those venues.