Droeloe 3m LED Cube for Live Tour

  • DATE Fall 2019

  • LOCATION North American Tour

  • CLIENT Droeloe & Heroic


Creating space out of thin air using geometry is such a classic look.

Add more lights, solar power, sound, stage, half marathons, Kaskade, and 15,000 people for a fresh mix to the landscape and you have the SeaWheeze Sunset Festival.

Outdoor events are always a blast. Brockton Fields at Stanley Park overlooking Vancouver was stunning to say the least. This backdrop plus an incredibly fun loving and active atmosphere made for a great place to showcase light art installations along side an amazing lineup, yoga, food, and a fantastic Lululemon Team.



There’s something special about walking through a sculpture of light when it’s streaming with vivid colors and beautiful patterns in 3D space.

To create a light based art installation that lined up perfectly with the stage and invited guests into the main venue space we were asked to bring our custom made TUBIX LED Tunnel to the event. It is not only a gem to behold and observe from afar, but once you walk through the tunnel it becomes complete as you transit into the event.

By using our custom blend of TUBIX LED Pixel Bars, hardware, and software we can temporarily install and program the piece to behave in a myriad of styles and patterns that really make the geometry come to life at night. Visual patterns from light from left to right, front to back, every color in sight.

The structure is plenty wide and tall to invite many people at a time measuring 40’ Long, 8’ Tall, 6’ 6” Wide. Scalable in length to virtually any size.

As the Earth rotated away from the sun that night it was rewarding to see the eager guests enjoy their time navigating the illuminated space. Sharing the space, sharing cameras, meeting friends; good times were had.



Simple lines of light provided visual appeal and a demarcation of a steep slope.

The lay of the land is what it is in the Pacific Northwest. By lining a prominent hill crest in the park with x24 vertical 2m TUBIX LED Pixel Bars a deconstructed video wall of light was installed to help illustrate these lays in the land.

Visually the segmented approach allowed for easy viewing of the lively concert below unobstructed.
Functionally, the installation provided ample light for the area and played well with the trees.
Photogenically, it was a hit.


Looking for some lights?