The TUBIX LED Pixel Bar system is a set of custom light fixtures that can ripple with vivid color, connect together in endless ways, and bring any space to life!

Each LED Pixel Bar comes in 1m, 1.5m and 2m lengths. Each Bar has 60, 90, 0r 120 super bright, waterproof, LED pixels.
Each individually addressable. Each bar being individually addressable as well.

All-metal connectors of all shapes and sizes means geometry of any sort can be realized easily, safely, and with a fresh and unique style.

In addition, the entire system from power, to cable, to every fixture is completely IP68 Rated for maximum resistance to the elements.

They provide a vivid structure of light so fresh the plants get jealous.

We have helped concerts, companies, weddings, and art museums create stage designs, backdrops, castles, tunnels, cubes, walls, music videos, hanging, moving, indoors, outdoors, permanent installation, malls, retail spaces, and so many more opportunities exist still!


Want to see some fresh and lively lighting at your next event?