The Sensatorium is the physical manifestation of Sensebellum.

It creates space out of thin air using geometry to bring people together and stir the senses with beautiful art and technology.

This experience is made possible by our space age geodesic dome and a host of next level interactive art installations inside!

The installation is available for rental 365 days a year anywhere in the world - music festivals, - conferences, art galleries, universities, street fares - it is a crowd pleaser every time.



The Sensatorium stands as a flagship environment for the entire ecosystem of Sensebellum art installations. It is 30' (9.1m) in diameter, 15' (4.6m) tall, 8,000 lbs (3,600kg) dry, holds up to 40 people comfortably, and sports a 4V steel architecture that is mechanically solid and a joy to behold.

The outside sports a white cover with a bay window and entryway that is the perfect blend of shade and visibility. Combine that with a professional floor serving as both surface and anchor and you have a space that can support next level experiences 24/7.

With Sensebellum on your side and the Sensatorium on site we can help you elevate your event to another level and provide your guests of all ages with something they'll absolutely enjoy and remember.



The Sensatorium comes complete with a host of 100% custom, not going to find anywhere else, mind blowing, super interactive, hard to walk away, original art installations. These are the best and brightest pieces that are ready to turn heads right out of the box. These fill the space and also communicate the mission statement: art and tech are best enjoyed with all the friends and all the senses!

We are offering as part of our Complete Package:

  1. Two Sandboxes of Life (Each with Unique Modes)

  2. A DIY HD Microscope

  3. Multi-Sensory Beat Making Station

  4. 3D Printing Station

  5. 360º Projection Mapping

  6. Interior & Exterior Lighting

Want to see the Sensatorium at your next event?



Looking for just the structure, maybe a second dome, or a special beacon for your entryway? The Aluminum Dome is a great way to spark visual interest and create a space easily for events, gatherings, and music & arts festivals.

30' Diameter, sets up in a few hours, let the party begin!