The Sensatorium is a physical space for the intersection of art and technology. This experience is fostered by multi-sensory art installations that are not complete until you play with them!


Serving as a flagship environment for the entire ecosystem of Sensebellum original art installations the 30' diameter, 15' tall, 4V geodesic dome is equipped to handle any environment. The space sports a white cover that can block out the daylight and keep it cool. Combine that with a bay window that lets out the light at night and you have a structure that can support next level experiences all day and all night. However, the space is more than a shell. Not only can the structure support thousands of pounds on the ground and hanging in the air, but It also comes equipped with a sturdy flooring system which serves as professional surface and sturdy anchor.

The Sensatorium comes complete with a cadre of our ever popular art pieces - The Sandbox of Life, a wave pool oscilloscope, a DIY microscope station, 3D printers supplying endless mind opening objects, a multi-sensory beat station, and of course, the lovely mix of the CUBIX with live plants. With all of these in place a balance between natural and digital is achieved.

Of course you may have other ideas for what to feature inside. Need a chill lunge for your event? You got it. Looking for 360º immersive projections inside? No problem. How about we let you decorate the interior for your product launch or musical event? We are here to help.

With Sensebellum on your side and the Sensatorium onsite we can help you elevate your event to another dimension.