The Sandbox of Life is a foundation for the exploration of complex systems, digital life, and human/computer interactions. It is a Sensebellum original art installation created in 2012 in Maui. We live in a time of complex systems and rich amounts of data. The Sandbox synthesizes this knowledge into one easy to use platform for exploring worlds. 

Using custom engineered layers of software, 3D printed hardware, cameras, projectors, wood, and metal the Sandbox can simulate anything from islands and animals, fluid dynamics, bacteria, cellular automata, Conway's Game of Life, and many more modes - truly an ecosystem simulator. The combination of computer vision and augmented reality combine to make a seriously surreal experience that is at one time digital and yet completely natural.


To create and change the world all you need are your hands, imagination, a little time, and some friends don't hurt either! Without a cumbersome interface one can explore these digital worlds in intuitive ways that feel natural and react in real time.

The Sandbox has been featured at many music festivals, art galleries, universities, and conferences. It is right at home in the middle of a lights show and sound party or in the halls of academia and art exhibitions.

To find out more about getting the Sandbox into your event, gallery, or living room head over theContact page and drop off a message.