The Sandbox of Life is an augmented reality art installation that uses 3D cameras, sand, and projection mapping to provide an intuitive interface for exploring digital worlds and dynamic systems.

Originally created at Maui SOURCE Festival in 2012, the Sandbox of Life has evolved into a well refined system capable of pure entertainment as well as livid education.


The Sandbox has been featured at many music festivals, art galleries, universities, and conferences. It is right at home in a nightclub, in the lobby of the Biology Building, or front and center in an art Gallery.

Kid playing with interactive sandbox of life art installation with augmented reality conways game of life computer game


The way it works is so magical it almost seems natural.

Basic shot of the sandbox of life interactive art isntallation using augmented reaelity and topographic sand

The heart of the Sandbox is a combination of 3D computer vision and projection mapping. The cameras read the terrain below, compute it, and then projection map the result directly on top in a seamlessly smooth and instant fashion.

Showing off the augented reality sand sandbox of life art installation at Bumbershoot in Seattle

That is why we have designed the system from the ground up to be sent all over the world. Fit through all sorts of doors. Accept all kinds of electricity. And be flexible enough for all types of interaction and simulations from art show to classroom. We love to see people get creative and we like to keep the lights on.



The 3D Earth Simulator is the latest and greatest innovation. You literally are able to sculpt the sand into oceans, valleys, mountains, and so much more!

The Classic Laser mode is where it all started. It all starts with the sand dark. As soon as any light from the laser enters the scene it ignites with light that only a shadow can stop.

The New Terrain is the next innovation in the look and feel of the Sandbox. It takes the sand literally and presents the system as a bit of ecology complete with amphibians that swarm, evolve, and live on the terrain.

Conway's Game of Life is a computer science historical note that makes a beautiful appearance here. The cellular automata grow from the boundary conditions of the sand.


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