The historic Union Station is an incredible space for events.

With our signature blend of projection mapping and lighting we can help you spark beautiful moments for all who enter to enjoy and remember.

Massive 360 projection mapping with Sensebellum at the Tacoma Union Station

The unique features in the architecture, the white walls, and the immersive nature of the space combine for a truly amazing canvas for light.

Since 2011 Sensebellum has been the go to resource for incorporating 360º projection mapping and lighting in the Tacoma Union Station.

With our passion for projections and our custom blend of software, skills, and structure we can create a truly magical experience inside of the Station for any evening occasion.

Be it a wedding, dance, conference, reunion, or a little of each, projection mapping and lighting will transform the space from white walls into any visual landscape you can possibly imagine.

Snow Globes. Rain Forests. Starry Nights. Coral Reefs. Modern Abstract. Plus so much more.

We enjoy creating these events so much and it would be our honor to help you elevate the lighting and create one-of-a-kind moments in time.

"Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Thank you so much for doing a brilliant job at our wedding!"
- Williams & Williams

Huge projection mapping the from the creative company with Tacoma Union Station using 360 degree video