Architecture is a ripe medium to explore with projection mapping. As many events, weddings, and gatherings happen in the Union Station's Rotunda the architecture becomes for some signature projection mapping by Sensebellum. The unique square features in the ceiling, the white walls, the layout of the room, and the 360º nature of a dome all combine for a truly special venue.


Since 2011 Sensebellum has been the go to resource for incorporating projection mapping and ambient architectural uplighting in the Tacoma Union Station.

Using a suite of custom software and equipment many types of lighting can be combined inside to truly transform the space. Looking for some beautiful graphics to illuminate the ceiling - you got it. Hoping to feature a slideshow of favorite photos in every panel - lets make it happen. Maybe thinking of something outside the box - lets start the conversation.


Whether it is a school dance, a wedding, conference, or a reunion, projection mapping and ambient lighting can add so much to the gathering. Take a look at some of the examples below and get a taste for what is possible in the Tacoma Union Station with Sensebellum.