• DATE June 8th, 2013
  • LOCATION  Old Main, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA
  • INSTALLATION Piano, Projector, Microphone, PA System

Building a foundation at Western has been the case for many people in the Bellingham area, Sensebellum no different. It felt right to celebrate the graduating classes and start off the Summer proper.


Working with a few custom pieces of code to drive the experience, the event was a classic case of Sensebellum's large scale integration of sound, light, space, and interaction.

First, we started the show off with a live session on a piano that played an analog synthesizer and the side of Old Main. Essentially each played a window or column as well as a sound. Next, we brought out the interaction for all to enjoy. Using a microphone, anyone from the audience or just walking by could speak into the microphone and make the building twist, bend, and modulate on different level of the audio spectrum.