• EVENT PRISM Awards

  • DATE January 31st, 2017 & 2018

  • LOCATION Marriott Marquis, San Francisco, CA

  • WEBSITE Photonics PRISM Awards

  • PROJECT TYPE CUBIX, Projection Mapping

The PRISM Awards, the "Oscars for inventors", are put on yearly by SPIE as part of the Photonics West Conference.

Wide picture of city and trees reflecting at upstream music festival with sensebellum

in 2017 & 2018 Sensebellum has been invited by SPIE to design the stage for the awards as well as provide the projection mapping and content design for the night. After reviewing the possibilities and the size of the stage the CUBIX Modular Stagin System was chosen as a perfect fit for the night. Modular, prismatic, a great surface for projections, as well as infinitaly configurable.



The CUBIX is at the heart of Sensebellum and we have many ways to integrate lighting, colors, and visuals onto the architecture of the cubes.

More than just amazing eye candy, the whole experience had to be perfect and on point. Countdowns, in ear radios, suits, 4k projectors - the pressure was on but it always runs smooth. 

Each year the SPIE team picks a visual aesthetic. For 2018 we were working with fluid dynamics. Taking this cue the CUBIX flowed, ebbed, and swirled using an array of custom coded pieces of content that matched the colors and style of each award.