• DATE February 2nd, 2016
  • LOCATION Museum of History and Industry, Seattle, Wa
  • CLIENT Microsoft
  • INSTALLATIONS Projection Mapping, The Sandbox of Life

MOHAI is a building from an era long ago. Recently repurposed as a next level museum and entertainment center, it is now visible from all of the tech heavy South Lake Union section of Seattle's waterfront. 

We were contacted by Microsoft and they wanted some large scale projection mapping that would visualize the theme of their event at the Seattle space, as well as stand for a metaphor of their cloud services.


To satisfy this objective we decided to project on the two most viewable faces with over 60k lumens of light. Clouds were an immediate winner for the design. The metaphor is direct and well, welcome to the Pacific Northwest! We sought time lapse footage of Mt Rainier and the Space Needle and then mixed this with 3D renderings of rain, snow, and 3D polygons falling on the building and spelling out the logos for Microsoft's services and products. It was original, well approved, and tied in with the exact architecture of the building.

As guests arrived there was lots of lingering as the approach to the building was filled with a view of clouds, rendered in modern detail, passing over such a historic building.


Of course the party did not stop there. Inside the space is already beaming and highly interactive. To top it off we added a few of our signature Cocktail Tables a la CUBIX. In addition, we temporarily installed 2 versions of our famous Sandboxes of Life.