Hotel Z, located in the historic heart of San Diego, was a chance for us to take our custom made permanent projection mapping technology to a new city and add our touch to an already expansive and beautiful skyline.

After preparing weather proof enclosures and all the software and infrastructure Hotel Z creatives would need to operate the projectors, we set out to bring an animated new edge to the hotel’s roof top!


Once in San Diego, we were captivated by the city’s beauty and coming up with inspiration for custom content to project was easy.

 We presented Hotel Z with swatches to choose from in order to give them a hand in curating the custom content while remaining sure it would fit in well with their brand identity.


After we had a firm idea of what they wanted, the rest came together naturally.

We departed from San Diego leaving behind a cutting edge new way for Hotel Z to stand out from the competition which they can continue to manage and update on their own.