Manatee Commune On Ice!


  • EVENT Manatee Commune On Ice!
  • DATE December 23rd, 2016
  • LOCATION The Neptune Theater, Seattle, Wa
  • WEBSITE STG Presents
  • PROJECT TYPE Projection Mapping and Custom Stage Design

For this event, we had the pleasure of working with Do206, STG Presents and Manatee Commune to transform the unique architecture of the Neptune Theater and turn it into a snow globe.

The show was a great opportunity to employ a few different tricks. We brought with us projection mapped visuals custom made and fit for the Neptune Theater's ceiling, our CUBIX modular staging system and some snow machines that turned out to be a great source of excitement.



After talking to Do206 and Manatee Commune to understand their vision for the event, we did a walkthrough of the venue to decide what parts of the unique architecture we wanted to bring to life. 

Using many aspects of our programming, designing and mapping toolkit, we were able to develop new content for the event to bring the room to life in a special way for that space.  With some programming, both in advance and on site, the ceiling mapped visuals were able to be used in sync with the custom stage design and special effects such as snow machines mounted around the room.  The full control of so many aspects of the environment allowed us to truly realize the vision of having the concert in a snow globe.