• DATE Summer & Fall, 2015

  • LOCATION Bellingham, Washington

  • CLIENT Faithlife Software

  • PROJECT TYPE Projection Mapping Installation

Faithlife is an employer of many creatives and programmers in the heart of Bellingham. In the Spring of 2015 Sensebellum was contacted with the idea of designing a permanent outdoor projection mapping installation. 

From the beginning the project called for designing a professional and weatherproof installation. Yet, at the same time, how to engage the building in a tasteful way that suited the artistic spirit of the community?

Outdoor projection mapping for Faithlife in the heart of Bellingham


A solution was reached by enlisting 30,000 lumens of light housed in climate controlled projector enclosures.

The other side of the coin was the content. Given the playful, outdoor oriented nature of Bellingham a mix of Bob Ross painting, sun shining plants, and other playful motifs were crafted to give the content its kick.

To complete the circle we then instructed the creatives at Faithlife how to run the system, upload content using customized software, and schedule media from anywhere in the world.


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