• DATE November-December 2016

  • LOCATION Seattle, Wa

  • PROJECT TYPE Projection Mapping

  • CLIENTS Pacific Place

During November and December of 2016, we had the chance to do some festive outdoor urban projection mapping in downtown Seattle on the side of Pacific Place.

Large outdoor projection mapping in downtown Seattle for Pacific Place

The content was a ton of fun to make and features everything from winter time classics such as a stop motion of the building being recreated as a gingerbread house to vivid winter sprites dancing around the architecture. The projections ran each night starting after sunset and into the late evening.  



After meeting with Pacific Place and learning their vision for the project, we set about making content unique to not just this project, but to the architecture of the building itself.

 This involved a combination of techniques including everything from entirely digitally rendered content to content shot in a studio.  The project also involved creating a complicated and detailed mask of the building to contour the content to the lines and shapes of the walls to be mapped and to ensure the projections wouldn't shine through any of the windows.