Every project starts with an idea. This is where we determine the objective and the constraints by working together with other teams and among ourselves to determine what is going to by most effective.



Next comes tracking down the materials and crafting them into the right specifications using techniques ranging from wood working to soldering to 3D printing and beyond. To finally bring these ideas to life we integrate technology often incorporating custom written code or custom made electronics.



Finally, we go live with the project! If it is an event, we stay present and work with the staff to ensure everything goes perfectly. If it is a permanent installation, we make sure that we leave those in charge of the project with all the tools and understanding they will need to successfully operate and troubleshoot while remaining as a continued resource for them.




We use a wide array of software to develop ideas and plans for our projects. This incorporates both software that is ubiquitous across the industry and custom made software that we've developed to achieve specific and unique tasks. We also use many different techniques for 3D modeling to make sure we have an accurate understanding of each project. This allows us to craft perfectly fitting custom content and helps to confirm costs ahead of time so there are no surprises.


Whether we're in the office or the workshop, we are always hard at work to make sure each project is done to the best of our ability. We often use a wide array of techniques from soldering, carpentry, 3D printing, welding and laser cutting to get the exact result we've envisioned.


There's no app for everything. Pushing the limits of what we can do with technology requires a firm understanding of many coding languages. We use custom written code for a spectrum of applications including complex visual mixing and programming microprocessors to help our hardware and art pieces interact and remain in harmony with their surroundings.