Microscopia is an art installation that democratizes the use of a microscope and thereby allows all curious enough a peak into the complexity and detail of the world around us.

Reigniting that sense of wonder and scientific curiousity is what this installation is all about.

The installation is made to be self explanatory and intuitive. Those who have glimpsed microscopes during schooling may recall a sense of curiosity as the entire world came into focus in new ways. Microscopia investigates this situation further and offers an optimized experience that is more intuitive, reliable, and multi-participant.

By sampling found objects from the nearby environment every occurrence of the installation is different and unique to the neighborhood. 

This is all made possible by an intuitive 400x optical zoom adjustable microscope that runs directly into an overhead monitor supported via a generatively design geometric steel base.


Want to see Microscopia at your next gathering or event?