The out of this world performance, "Live From Space!", officially landed on Earth for the first time at the Wild Buffalo House of Music on January 31st of 2014 with a cargo full of 3D projection mapping.

Spanning the realms of the digital and analog, electronic and natural, the mix of artists performed original songs live through guitar, bass, viola, keyboard, and more!

CUFF LYNX playing on the CUBIX 3D Stage wth liv video of visuals being projection mapped at Neumos in Seattle

Deciding on the venue for the release of Sensebellum's custom engineered stage was an easy choice. The Wild Buffalo is a prime music venue and had the home field advantage. Knowing the field made programming and crafting the multimedia performance that much easier. Using a set of in-house software applications, the Simpl Suite, we were able to route signals from multiple computers to each other, live, so that the visuals, the sound, and the structure were all on point.

Even though this ship has sailed, a new port looms near in the future with many plans for festivals and events throughout the summer. Please check the events page for more information on where you can see this next! If you are interested in booking the Live From Space! experience then please refer to the contact page for more information.

And all this would not be without a big digital high five to all of those who helped make this event possible. Photo: Anthony Ponce de Leon, Kevin Lowdon, Austin Martin. Video: Gary Washington, Sarah Climaco, Jack Lipke, and Cole Cramer, RC Clark & Tyler Whitmire from Endless Film Productions. And the countless others that helped with production and booking - thank you very much.

Poster design for the Live From Space projection mapping event