Spark! has been a wonderful occasion to introduce Arizona to the Sensatorium interactive art installation and the Sandboxes of Life.

Year to year, it has been a fun and amazing opportunity to leave the Pacific Northwest and journey down into the Valley of the Sun to meet and share with other artists and innovators!



The Sensatorium is a multi-sensory experience showcasing a wide range of emerging technologies and Sensebellum art pieces that are not complete until you play with them! The Sensatorium comes complete with a cadre of our ever popular art pieces - The Sandbox of Life, a wave pool oscilloscope, a DIY microscope station, 3D printers supplying endless mind opening objects, a multi-sensory beat station, and of course, the lovely mix of the CUBIX with live plants.



Sandbox of Life augmented reality projection mapping interactive art installation

The Sandbox of Life is a highly addictive, extremely provoking ecosystem simulator posing as a piece of art. It is at one time completely digital, yet somehow natural.

A custom computer vision system picks up sand, hands, lasers, and other objects in the sandbox and draws lifeforms, colors, swirls, automata, and other effects in response to the interactions inside. It is an experience existing simultaneously in electronic lands yet seamlessly blending into ours.

Along some of our other art pieces, the Sandboxes lived in the Sensatorium this year, each of the three featuring a distinct mode inside. There was the classic lasers and amoebas mode where artificial life grows on the sand when a once a laser brings it to life. There was a Conway's Game of Life version where cellular automata would grow from the landforms inside. And there was also a mode filled with realistic islands populated by amphibians that would swim around and even crawl up your hand!


Beautiful sunshine in the spark art fair

The event lasts through the weekend and both years were met with exceptional responses from the community and was supported by professionalism and skill from the Mesa Arts Center staff.

The facility is very well setup for all types of art: performance, outdoor installations, glass, pottery - you name it. And art there was! Spark! is a nationally renowned festival for bringing in very innovative art installations. Daily tous les Jours was on site in 2015, so was the Water Light Graffiti by Antonin Fourneau - among many others.