• EVENT The Summer Meltdown Music Festival

  • DATE 2nd Weekend in August, 2013 - 2018

  • LOCATION Darrington, Washington

  • WEBSITE Summer Meltdown

  • PROJECT TYPE Stage Design & Interactive Art Installation

Summer Meltdown is a unique and captivating festival that has placed itself at a zenith within the Pacific Northwest scene.

From swimming in the river with thousands of our best friends, to watching 50 bands play on 3 stages, to designing, machining, coding, and bringing out our very own CUBIX modular stage system and Sensatorium interactive art installation - this event has placed itself in our hearts as a highlight of each summer.

Looking warm in the custom stage design for Summer Meltdown with lighting and visuals near Seattle


The Sensatorium showcases a wide range of emerging technologies and Sensebellum art pieces designed to immerse any festival goer into a multi-sensory, interactive experience!

The Sensatorium comes complete with a cadre of our ever popular art pieces - The Sandboxes of Life, a wave pool oscilloscope, a DIY microscope station, 3D printers supplying endless mind opening objects, a multi-sensory beat station, and of course, the lovely mix of the CUBIX with live plants. The microscope station was a huge hit at this event encouraging the examination of the surrounding world in a new way for many people!

Interior shot of the Sensatorium space for interactive art installations


The CUBIX stage has evolved each year to increasing levels of complexity meshing together custom projection mapped content along with vibrant LEDs and moving head lights to create a multi-dimensional, visually striking experience.

It is important to create a concert experience that is all around you, in 360º degrees. Something immersive you step into and become a part of - not just something to look at. Is is the envrionment itself.

Custom stage design with projection mapping, lighting, visuals, video, and 3D cubes at Summer Meltdown near Seattle


The final piece of the puzzle is the planning, coordination, and curation of scores of art installations throughout the festival grounds and an excellent group of skill share workshops and yoga classes during the day.

These activities are what gives a festival its character. They provide complimentary components to the concerts - stretching, relaxing, expanding your mind, and taking in some really mind blowing art. It is a great platform for artists from all over the country to come to and showcase their most excellent art pieces, ideas, flows, and poses. 

From 2014 - 2017 Sensebellum led and organized the Workshop and Art Installation programs. Thank you Summer Meltdown for the wonderful time!