Crafting the visuals for the architectural projection mapping outside the entrance of Freaknight 2013 was an especially engaging project.

Larger-than-life bugs crawling on the walls are sure to enhance any event. If the animations look life-like, that’s because they are; Casey tells us that recordings of bugs were actually used to achieve these effects. - Projection Mapping Central

Large scale outdoor projection mapping for Freaknight in Seattle

Freaknight, is a Seattle Halloween ritual running 17 years, put on by USC Events. It was clear the video and projections needed to be creative, professional, and original.

After talking, listening, and brainstorming with the production team at USC there were goals in mind an it was time to manifest. Using physical models of the buildings cut out from wood as the blueprint we were able to get really creative with the filming. Let's get some bugs, beetles, worms, and even a tarantula running around on the surface. Interacting, crawling through windows, jumping from building to building, and making use of the architecture through the very real and tactile surface of the model, the analog creatures were great models and were unharmed.

From these shoots the content was translated into pixels and manipulated further to give it the right touch.

Massive outdoor projection mapping with custom creative visuals
Large outdoor projection mapping by the creative company sensebellum in Seattle
Creating visuals for the projection mapping video from scratch using creative art for Seattle

Next, make sure that no mater rain, sleet, snow, or shine the installation would run, be safe, secure, and look beautiful while on site. For this we turned to our in house "RUBIX" structure and mounted the projectors, computers, and all the wires in a discrete and color themed enclosure that also offered protection from the elements.

Mix all this together with 20,000+ exuberant fans streaming by each night, taking in the spectacle, setting the theme for the evening, and hinting at the quality and care taken in extending the event's aesthetic from print to real life and in person. It was truly a pleasure to work on a project of this nature.