Dimension Apartments CUBIX Art Installation

Interstitial Theater was looking for local art installations to fill a brand new lobby space in downtown Seattle. We had the goods.


The Design

The design was an homage to the confluence of environmental factors around the area.

Natural. Technological. Economic. Mountains. Skylines. Peaks. Valleys. Water. Clouds. Green. And clean.

A configuration of the CUBIX Cubes was used to create a 3D structure of light that combined these elements into a light sculpture that rippled and pulsed with soft hues throughout the day. Rise and shine reds and oranges in the morning. Greens through the day. Followed by blues and purples for sunset. The entire sculpture was also made to be sat upon, climbed, and admired and used in many ways.

It was a great way to christen the lobby space and invite passerby to notice the new location from all angles outside.

Photography by Joe Freeman

Special thanks to Interstitial Theater

100’s of CUBIX Cubes in stock everyday