The CUBIX is a modular staging system custom designed and engineered by Sensebellum.

The CUBIX is a system of modular stage pieces that can integrate projection mapping, LED Bars, interior illumination, moving lights, LED screens, lasers, and more into the nearly limitless possible shapes available in the library. Each piece can be taken apart, recombined, faced with white panels, left wireframe, and serve rack mounting of equipment.

Beautiful cubes on a music stage for the Summer Meltdown Music concert and festival

Each installation is a unique configuration. Working to make it fit the event, location, and theme is all part of the process.

Every cube supports over 1,000lbs and we have over 90 in stock ready to travel. They can be stood upon, rained on, stacked, rotated, and suspended from the ceiling safely with confidence.

Using aircraft grade aluminum plus a cast of custom hardware the installation will take hours not days to assemble and will last for years reliably.



Sensebellum CUBIX staging cube projection mapping video seattle art light stage design seattle portland 22.jpg

The Cubes are a CUBIX Classic. This is where it all started. 

A system was sought that could be standardized, yet be completely different each time it was setup. Something that has a certain look, yet never looked the same. At Summer Meltdown 2013 the CUBIX Cubes were hatched.

Each cube is 2' x 2' x 2' and can be stacked and arranged in nearly infinite ways, faced with acrylic panels, projection mapped upon, stood upon, played around, rained on, suspended from the ceiling - there are virtually limitless possibilities.

Whether it is a stage, a concert, music festival, art gallery, museum, convention, cocktail party, music video, or beyond - the CUBIX is a great place to start. Check out some of the previous configurations for inspiration and to get a feel for what is possible.


Want so see some of the CUBIX at your next event?