Commercial St Arborealis Tree Lighting Installation

The Arborealis Tree Lighting System takes flight in a permanent installation with three intrepid trees along a popular path in downtown Bellingham.

Enjoy the installation along Commercial St from 8pm - 2am every evening just outside of Usice's Irish Pub and the Brandywine Kitchen.

What started as an application during a 2015 city wide call for art resulted in the genesis and subsequent evolution of the Arborealis. A tree lighting system that adds visual appeal and sidewalk lighting in a fresh, vibrant, and scalable way.

As do murmurs of birds and flocks of fish each light in the tree individually sparkles and flows from leaf to leaf, branch to branch, in an array of uncannily natural motions. 



The trees grow. The wind blows. In Bellingham it snows. In the summer the sun glows.

Being ready for a year round installation is a difficult task. This custom blend of light, art, and tech magic is ready for the ages. Each light, enclosure, and control box is outdoor rated to near obsession and is safely secured from falling, hurting the tree, or disappearing in the night.

The artistic concept is embedded within that special emergent magic of multiplicity. Rightfully so the system can be scaled to near infinite proportions of both trees and number of trees connected.