• DATE August 11th-14th, 2016 & 2012-2015
  • LOCATION Seattle Center, Seattle, Wa
  • CLIENT Bumbershoot
  • INSTALLATION Sandbox of Life

Rounding out the 2014 season this production was especially special. Being able to showcase the new side of Sensebellum - interactive art installations - The Sandbox of Life took center stage. 3 different types, 3 different sizes, all featuring one concept. Part fusion of real world and digital.

Part lesson in computer science and natural processes. The Sandbox does away with the mouse and keyboard and brings about an environment that opens up the interaction and possibilities.


Each type uses sophisticated computer vision algorithms to discern white sand from back sandbox. Using this information the program can create digital environments ranging from the classic laser induced pseudo-coral-reef-rainbow-amalgamation to a full on island topography with flocking fish. All of this being highly interactive and intuitive - dare it be said, addictive. Simply move the sand and watch as the environment responds to the new features.

Part of the joy comes from the craft of the engineering and designing these installations. This was greatly overshadowed by the enjoyment observed in patrons of the Fisher Pavilion interacting with the Sandbox. Seeing kids show their parents how to play with it. Professors ask, "Where can I get these for the classroom?" And really everyone wearing a mask of awe that such an installation was possible. Good times at Bumbershoot this year indeed.

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