Custom Stage Design and Scenery for Dave B at The Showbox Market

Custom is as custom does.

From design, to fabrication, programming, setup, show, strike, and all the rest Sensebellum has your back when it comes to producing certified fresh lights for any event.

Major thank you goes out to POSSI for inviting Sensebellum to provide such for the Seattle favorite Dave B at the legendary Showbox Market recently.

Sensebellum was tasked with creating a vibe, a set design, and a color scheme that played off of the initial notes and awesome existing neon signage. Something that stands out without taking up a ton of room. You gotta let the stage breathe.

The solution was x6 2m segments of custom DMX addressable "Marquee Light" columns pre-mounted to truss, a 24" mirrorball, a bunch of movers, strobes, plants, haze, and the right touch to keep it all on time for each beat.

Thank you to all involved and we'll see you at the next one!