Projection Mapping at the Paramount Theater's 90th Anniversary

The Paramount Theater in downtown Seattle, WA is an incredible historic venue built with the craft and artistry of long ago, yet still putting on a show!

When it came time to celebrate the 90th Anniversary the Seattle Theater Group (STG) reached out to Sensebellum to seek ways of lighting up the lobby and interior proscenium in grandiose fashion!

Projection mapping and addressable uplighting were clear choices and they catered well to the rich detail of the room’s architecture.

As the lobby was lit with rich color the real show was happening in the Grand Hall. Shows by Death Cab for Cutie, speeches by Pramila Jayapal, and plus stand up comedy!

For each set a custom cast of architecture aware visuals were created that traced out the beautiful edges of the room, lit up the panels, and playfully engaged with the arches.

Many thanks to the team at STG for the opportunity and great hospitality!