Holiday Projection Mapping at Pacific Place in Downtown Seattle, WA

The Holidays are quite the season downtown and Pacific Place returned to Sensebellum curious about how to engage a rather mundane section of scaffolding in the main atrium of the mall as the renovations carried through the season.

After exploring many options and considering “Holiday Sing-Along” traditions at the mall the team chose projection mapping as the best solution to engage a 50’ wide by 80’ tall section of fabric tightly fit to the face of the scaffolding.

Part of the touch was getting the right amount of light on the surface. For that we opted for a quad projector setup featuring 92k lumens of light!

Pure white light is nothing without a little distinction. For this content creation portion we worked with Pacific Place’s creative team to draft multiple versions of custom animations to match hand picked songs. “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” and so many more tunes played through a top notch BOSE sound system every evening on the mark of 5 and 6 PM.

Words bobbed and lit up across the screen as holiday adventurers sang along and enjoyed the evening on the larger than life screen.

See it running through the spring each night with new content at the Pacific Place mall in downtown Seattle.