Exterior Projection Mapping on Geodesic Domes at Imagine Festival

Projection mapping onto the interior surface of a geodesic dome can be a tricky task. Yet, the result is stunning and very immersive. Well worth the effort!

Sensebellum was recently tasked with projection mapping onto the exterior of such a geodesic dome for the Imagine Music Festival in Doe Bay on Orcas Island, Washington State.

After much brainstorming and creative ideation a set of looks were crafted to augment the exterior surface of the dome with our blend of projection mapping. Of course, it was only prudent to use NASA imagery from which to project images and geometric abstractions of the Earth onto the spherical surface.

The look was stunning and right on point. It complimented the existing Earth related art installations and became a talking point as different sections of the planet rotated subtly over the surface all night.