Aftersounds: Vibrant Lighting and Local Artists Illuminate Boundary Bay's Beer Garden

Bellingham really comes alive during the summer and part of that celebration includes the "Downtown Sounds" event hosted right in the middle of the city. Streets are closed off, a stage is constructed, and 1000's converge on the urban core to groove and move to some of the best sounds of the area every Wednesday,

When the sun goes down it's time to go home - or so it was thought! This year the Metanoia Collective has teamed up with Boundary Bay Brewery to offer a unique extension of the weekday occasion by providing a curated mix of art, music, and lighting in the outdoor beer garden known as "Aftersounds".

This last week Sensebellum was invited to bring out a signature blend of Arborealis Tree Lighting, some stage fixtures, as well as a healthy mix of uplighting to add color, dimension, and a lively tone to the visual presence of the event.

Contrasting the organic forms of the trees and foliage with vibrant LED fixtures while backing that with a colorful backdrop all around elicits a sense of warmth and elation that really adds to the ambiance of the event and welcomes all who pass by.