Fresh Overhead Lighting for Urban Clothing Store, "Can't Blame The Youth" in Seattle

Recently a new space was being created in downtown Seattle and the creators sought a simple yet vibrant, artistic, lighting display to not only increase visual appeal but provide light for the entirety of the space.

After a process of considering designs, sharing ideas, and understanding the building a sketch involving the CUBIX Digital LED Bars was crafted. It was simple and was prominent as you walked into well designed walnut on white tile front room.

From pencil on paper, to 3D models, all the way to the installation involving lasers and fine mounting, the project came together in full and the look is 100% on brand.

What's more is now the establishment has a unique in-the-shop visual identity that they can expand, scale, rearrange, and reprogram as desired into the future.

Find out more about "Can't Blame The Youth" (C.B.T.Y.) on their social here and in person here.