Bellingham Arts and Music Festival "Nook" Stage Design

B.A.M.F., as known colloquially, is an emerging arts and music festival home to the northwest corner of Washington State near Bellingham.

Hosted at the Lookout Arts Quarry the site sports a multitude of environments from forest, to fields, to watering holes, to some pretty uniquely nestled in the woods stages.

Which brings us to "The Nook" Stage which featured the Secret Sounds Bellingham Silent Disco System as well as a lineup of local electronic artists and producers.

Fitting the enclosed space and nested feeling of jamming through wireless headphones a stage design was sought that dovetailed nicely with the vibes and the vines. To achieve this x100 pieces of the Arborealis Tree Lighting were brought in and linked together in an immersive backdrop of dynamic light that cycled all night.

Thank you to the excellent production team and to all who came out and grew the 2nd annual Bellingham Arts and Music Festival!