Permanent Arborealis Tree Lighting in Downtown Bellingham

The new Arborealis Tree Lighting System is up on Commercial St and just in time for the Summer!

The system, formally known as “SynchroTreeCity” from KAPOW! 2015, is an arrangement of custom lights and electronics which produces a beautiful twinkling, cascading, scintillating display of light that moves intelligently between dot-to-dot, limb-to-limb, and tree-to-tree every night from 8m - 2am.

When a multitude of simple agents, the discrete illuminated “dots”, work together more complex patterns can “emerge” from the dynamics than could ever be intuited by just observing a single instance. This behavior is seen all throughout nature and even in our modern technological world. It is a theme that is time and scale independent and carries with it a simple yet sophisticated beauty. A way to truly blend the natural and the digital.

Thank you so much to the City of Bellingham, Washington for their support, The Whatcom County Association of Realtors and Paula Brown for their economic contributions, as well as the Downtown Bellingham Partnership and Rose Lathrop for their guidance.

It is such a pleasure to be able to contribute to the artistic scene in downtown BellinghamMake sure to enjoy a nice snack or drink from Brandywine Kitchen and the Uisce Irish Pub right across the way and take in the view this summer!