Stage Lighting at the Wild Buffalo with Vindata and Electric Mantis

The Wild Buffalo is a great venue for music and entertainment here in Bellingham. It also features a large stage with ample connections which makes it a great platform for the Sensebellum blend of stage lighting design.

Recently, the opportunity came up to bring out a set of the CUBIX Digital LED Bars with the an assortment of moving head lights and strobes for the show. This looks worked great with the unique electronic sound of the artists - Vindata, Electric Mantis, and Episcool.

The Digital LED Bars and the custom steel bases allow for rich color, dynamic patterns, and adds a true 3rd dimension of depth for any stage design. Mix in the moving head beams and some great strobes for good taste and the lights can match any mood, beat, or drop the artists bring out for the night.

Sensebellum Wild Buffalo Lighting Company Vindata Bellingham VJ Projection Mapping 68 copyy.png