Interactive Art Installations and Lighting at the City Arts "Future List Party"

City Arts Magazine definitely has its finger on the pulse of the Seattle arts scene.

Every year the team at City Arts organizes the "Future List Party" where they recognize outstanding innovators, leaders, artists, and community members in the area. Part and parcel osf the party is having a good time and in the old Seattle building it certainly is decked out with lots of vendors, activities, music, wonderful people, and, in our case - interactive art!

After exploring a few options it was decided that a great way to activate the upper balcony was with a classic combo of the Sandbox of Life augmented reality art installation as well as the Microscopia piece which allows users to peer into the worlds we cannot see!

A big thanks goes out to City Arts for the great party once again and all the contestants, winners, and friendly folks who stopped by the art that night. Thank you!