Interactive Art & Innovative Lighting at AXIS Pioneer Square

The art walk in Pioneer Square, Seattle, is a great scene with a wide variety of galleries and venues opening up their door's every first Thursday. AXIS, a 10,000 sq ft gallery, was nice enough to extend an invite to showcase a variety of Sensebellum original interactive art installations and curious lighting designs into the mix for the opening of the show "Aside Reflections".

The space, with its wizened brick, high ceilings, and fish bowl windows make it a great venue to begin with and especially for light art.

Pictured here are the CUBIX Digital LED Bars arranged in a nested tetrahedron. In the second picture is the classic, Sandbox of Life, and newcomer, Microscopia. Together they were tied together and a set of the CUBIX Dots which flowed up the ceiling and into a pool on the floor.