SPIE PRISM Awards 2017 stage design and projection mapping

SPIE is an amazing company based out of Bellingham, WA specializing as a major media conglomerate for the photonics and optics industry.

One of the key events each year is Photonics West, a gathering in San Francisco, CA of many different companies in this technical world. Within that week there is the PRISM Awards; essentially an Oscars for engineers.

Sensebellum has been working with SPIE on the stage design for the past two years using a mix of the classic CUBIX Modular Staging System as well as a host of other lighting, video, and projection mapping compliments.

This was an exceptional year and to share the highlights there are a few pictures that capture the entire set of 96 cubes in all of their glory!

Sensebellum San Francisco projection mapping video event creative lighting company 06 copy.jpg