Best Tips for using an Intel NUC Haydes Canyon with Windows 10 in an Art Installation

The Intel NUC Series of computers by Intel are great tools for realizing computer based art installations.

They are small, compact, plenty of I/O, plenty of power, the ability to work on them yourself with threaded mounts, K-Lock - the list goes on and on.

When it comes to getting these ready for long term play the last thing one would want is some system message popping up 2 weeks in and ruining all of the fun.

For that, here are some tips on how to prepare an Intel NUC Haydes Canyon with Windows 10 Professional for art installations.

Here are the steps:

  1. Auto Power on after crash - Found in BIOS (Tap F2 on start).

  2. No Password on login.

  3. Turn off system sounds - No “dunk” system sounds if an error occurs.

  4. Turn off auto updates.

  5. Remove taskbar from secondary screens.

  6. Turn off taskbar notifications.

  7. Turn off auto screen sleep.

  8. Enable seconds in clock.

  9. Disable auto reopen programs on reboot.

  10. Turn background black.

  11. Disable glowing skull.