Interactive Light Art Installation at Seattle Art Museum's "SAM Lights" 2018

The Olympic Sculpture Garden is a gem of the downtown Seattle waterfront scene and is open nearly year round for sweeping views of the city, waterways, and mountains if the clouds happen to clear.

Every year the Seattle Art Museum opens up the park an night for a special celebration of lights at night by the name “SAM Lights”.

This year Sensebellum was invited back after a fun exploration of the trees in 2017 to now activate the western walkway with a ground based installation.

Each Sensebellum installation is a touch stone for the nexus of art, technology, and human interaction. In this new piece, “Emergent Chorus”, this theme was explored via 24 custom outdoor digital LED light fixtures that were controlled via input from an audio/visual MIDI keyboard. Each key made a funky synthesizer sound and triggered the lights from left to right, mirroring the keys.

From single notes to full on symphonies it was enjoyable to see so many people step up and become kids again while exploring the world of synaesthesia via the timeless piano as an interface.

Thank you to the Seattle art Museum team and all those who came by to say hi that night!

Sensebellum LED Light Art SAM Seattle Art Museum Artist Company Event Installation Interactive 89 copy.jpg