The Sandbox of Life featured at Redmond Lights

The Sandbox of Life strikes again with a three-peat exhibition at the City of Redmond’s, “Redmond Lights”, near Seattle, Washington this winter.

The event spanned many blocks and featured all the amenities from classic Pacific Northwest cold weather, warm snacks, fireworks, lots of light art, and a culmination in the new downtown park. The park sparks the new core of the city and the Sandboxes were ready to entertain and engage with three modes: Laser, Conway’s Game of Life, and the 3D Earth Simulator.

Young and old were able to feel like kids again and easily step into this highly curious immersive art installation in an intuitive fashion.

It’s sand.

You play with it.

And then some more.

Pretty soon you are hooked and making new friends exploring these naturally digital worlds.