Fall is for Apples, and Projection Mapping

Welcome to Washington State in the Fall. Home of delicious apples and the season for some amazing projection mapping. Why now? Well when the sun shines less, but the weather is still nice, it is a perfect opportunity to light up the urban commons with a lively display of art and technology.

For instance, take the Flatiron Building in downtown Bellingham. It is owned and operated by Faithlife and in 2014 they hired Sensebellum to create a custom engineered system for year round outdoor video mapping on their 5-story headquarters.

This is a great way not only to attract more people to the downtown area but also serve as a canvas for local artists to showcase creative motion graphics.

You can see it in the full glory year round on the weekends between sunset and 11pm

Whether is is permanent or a temporary event, Sensebellum has your projection mapping needs covered!

See the full project report here.

Sensebellum Projection Mapping Bellingham Washington Creative COmpany Light Art Urbna Fall Faithlife.jpg