Welcome to the Sensebellum Blog!

There are so many amazing projects that do not make the final cut for the portfolio but are none the less a labor of love and work of art that need to see the light of day! This is the spot. Welcome to the Sensebellum Blog.

Here you can find all the hidden gems, all the behind the scenes goodies, all the subtle details that paint the whole picture of Sensebellum - interactive art and technology blended through the senses in the physical space with plenty of friends and good times!

From Seattle to Bellingham, Washington to Portland, down the West Coast to San Francisco, stopping by San Diego and Los Angeles, headed to the East Coast and NYC, visiting the south; we are all over and this blog will showcase all of the good times abroad.

Projection mapping to interactive art, large scale immersive installations, custom engineered systems, 3D Printing, workshops and gatherings, music festivals, concert lighting, art galleries, and beyond - the body of this creative company knows no borders.

Welcome and thank you!

Sensebellum Projection Mapping Seattle Washington Interactive art company creative.jpg