The Sandbox of Life featured at Redmond Lights

The Sandbox of Life strikes again with a three-peat exhibition at the City of Redmond’s, “Redmond Lights”, near Seattle, Washington this winter.

The event spanned many blocks and featured all the amenities from classic Pacific Northwest cold weather, warm snacks, fireworks, lots of light art, and a culmination in the new downtown park. The park sparks the new core of the city and the Sandboxes were ready to entertain and engage with three modes: Laser, Conway’s Game of Life, and the 3D Earth Simulator.

Young and old were able to feel like kids again and easily step into this highly curious immersive art installation in an intuitive fashion.

It’s sand.

You play with it.

And then some more.

Pretty soon you are hooked and making new friends exploring these naturally digital worlds.

360º Immersive Projection Mapping and Lighting at the Tacoma Union Station

The Tacoma Union Station is an architectural gem from a time not too long ago. The enormous rotunda dome and the interior features make for a spectacular event space and

Sensebellum is happy to provide the utmost in immersive visual experiences with our turn key projection mapping and lighting packages.

The custom Sensebellum blend of software, hardware, and specific knowledge of the space means all you have to do is enjoy the tastiest fruits of our modern art and technology.

360º Projection Mapping at "On ICE!" 2018 a smash hit once again!

The Neptune Theater in Seattle, WA is a fantastic theater with plenty of character and surfaces for projection mapping. Pair this immersive visual experience with The Smokey Brights, The True Loves, Cumulus, and others and the night took off!

Core to making the magic happen is a special blend of the right hardware, software, systems design, and custom content creation. This way every pixel fits the space as the architecture comes to life via video art mixed in realtime to the performance.

Special thanks to Do206, the Neptune staff, the bands, and all the fans!

Check out the original “On Ice!” with Manatee Commune.

Light Art & Interactive Installations at Lusio Lights

Anytime there are plants and lights it’s going to be a great night! This was true once again at “Lusio Lights” at Seattle’s Volunteer Park Conservatory.

Sensebellum was invited out for the last edition of the year to really round out the main rooms with rich color through event lighting while adding in some of the Arborealis Tree Lights and exhibiting the Microscopia art installation.

This was a perfect match. The colorful lighting provided a great backdrop for all the eager folks who strolled through the space over two nights. The slightly modern aesthetic of the LED light fixtures as well as the geometry of the Microscopia art installation were a great contrast to the timeless forms of the plants as well as provided a contemporary point to jump off from into the natural world.

Thank you to the Conservatory for hosting, Mollie Bryan for organizing, and to all the wonderful people who came by to enjoy the scene!


Custom LED CUBE for Droeloe's West Coast Tour

Wow, loving how this custom LED CUBE turned out for the electronic producer due, Doreloe, for their West Coast Tour!

When their management contacted Sensebellum it was apparent from their album artwork to show poster that a LED wireframe cube was going to need to be realized for their synchronized audio/visual stage performances.

Leveraging the vast in house stock of lighting fixtures - such as the CUBIX Digital LED Bars - while fabricating custom steel, aluminum, and flight cases was a joy. It shows on site as eyes lit up and people got down to their music shown here at Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco.

Thank you Hein, Vin, and the rest of the Droeloe team and management!

Looking to get on the road with your own touring lighting system? Head on over to the Contact Page and lets start the conversation.

Sensebellum Droeloe Heroic Stage Design Cube LED Bar Pixel Lighting Company Rental San Francisco Seattle West Coast 35 copy.jpg

Aftersounds: Vibrant Lighting and Local Artists Illuminate Boundary Bay's Beer Garden

Bellingham really comes alive during the summer and part of that celebration includes the "Downtown Sounds" event hosted right in the middle of the city. Streets are closed off, a stage is constructed, and 1000's converge on the urban core to groove and move to some of the best sounds of the area every Wednesday,

When the sun goes down it's time to go home - or so it was thought! This year the Metanoia Collective has teamed up with Boundary Bay Brewery to offer a unique extension of the weekday occasion by providing a curated mix of art, music, and lighting in the outdoor beer garden known as "Aftersounds".

This last week Sensebellum was invited to bring out a signature blend of Arborealis Tree Lighting, some stage fixtures, as well as a healthy mix of uplighting to add color, dimension, and a lively tone to the visual presence of the event.

Contrasting the organic forms of the trees and foliage with vibrant LED fixtures while backing that with a colorful backdrop all around elicits a sense of warmth and elation that really adds to the ambiance of the event and welcomes all who pass by.


Fresh Overhead Lighting for Urban Clothing Store, "Can't Blame The Youth" in Seattle

Recently a new space was being created in downtown Seattle and the creators sought a simple yet vibrant, artistic, lighting display to not only increase visual appeal but provide light for the entirety of the space.

After a process of considering designs, sharing ideas, and understanding the building a sketch involving the CUBIX Digital LED Bars was crafted. It was simple and was prominent as you walked into well designed walnut on white tile front room.

From pencil on paper, to 3D models, all the way to the installation involving lasers and fine mounting, the project came together in full and the look is 100% on brand.

What's more is now the establishment has a unique in-the-shop visual identity that they can expand, scale, rearrange, and reprogram as desired into the future.

Find out more about "Can't Blame The Youth" (C.B.T.Y.) on their social here and in person here.


The Collective Grand Opening Projection Mapping in Seattle

The Collective, described as an "urban basecamp for the mind, body, and soul", was an incredible space to work with in the heart of Seattle's South Lake Union.

The intentional mix of natural materials and modern applications of them struck a nice balance between the contemporary world and the true environment that surrounds us all.

To properly elevate the visual identity of the grand opening a mix of activations were found to be the perfect fit.

1) Projection mapping topographic lines over the entryway, 2) "Gobo" style logo projections, 3) x18 pieces of battery powered uplighting, 4) and an incredible artistic projection mapping piece on a mural by local artist Mimi Kvinge

Even as the afternoon sun was still setting the high powered projections and lighting were able to set the tone as scores and scores of folks trolled through the two massive lunges and their myriad attractions.