Aftersounds: Vibrant Lighting and Local Artists Illuminate Boundary Bay's Beer Garden

Bellingham really comes alive during the summer and part of that celebration includes the "Downtown Sounds" event hosted right in the middle of the city. Streets are closed off, a stage is constructed, and 1000's converge on the urban core to groove and move to some of the best sounds of the area every Wednesday,

When the sun goes down it's time to go home - or so it was thought! This year the Metanoia Collective has teamed up with Boundary Bay Brewery to offer a unique extension of the weekday occasion by providing a curated mix of art, music, and lighting in the outdoor beer garden known as "Aftersounds".

This last week Sensebellum was invited to bring out a signature blend of Arborealis Tree Lighting, some stage fixtures, as well as a healthy mix of uplighting to add color, dimension, and a lively tone to the visual presence of the event.

Contrasting the organic forms of the trees and foliage with vibrant LED fixtures while backing that with a colorful backdrop all around elicits a sense of warmth and elation that really adds to the ambiance of the event and welcomes all who pass by.


Fresh Overhead Lighting for Urban Clothing Store, "Can't Blame The Youth" in Seattle

Recently a new space was being created in downtown Seattle and the creators sought a simple yet vibrant, artistic, lighting display to not only increase visual appeal but provide light for the entirety of the space.

After a process of considering designs, sharing ideas, and understanding the building a sketch involving the CUBIX Digital LED Bars was crafted. It was simple and was prominent as you walked into well designed walnut on white tile front room.

From pencil on paper, to 3D models, all the way to the installation involving lasers and fine mounting, the project came together in full and the look is 100% on brand.

What's more is now the establishment has a unique in-the-shop visual identity that they can expand, scale, rearrange, and reprogram as desired into the future.

Find out more about "Can't Blame The Youth" (C.B.T.Y.) on their social here and in person here.


The Collective Grand Opening Projection Mapping in Seattle

The Collective, described as an "urban basecamp for the mind, body, and soul", was an incredible space to work with in the heart of Seattle's South Lake Union.

The intentional mix of natural materials and modern applications of them struck a nice balance between the contemporary world and the true environment that surrounds us all.

To properly elevate the visual identity of the grand opening a mix of activations were found to be the perfect fit.

1) Projection mapping topographic lines over the entryway, 2) "Gobo" style logo projections, 3) x18 pieces of battery powered uplighting, 4) and an incredible artistic projection mapping piece on a mural by local artist Mimi Kvinge

Even as the afternoon sun was still setting the high powered projections and lighting were able to set the tone as scores and scores of folks trolled through the two massive lunges and their myriad attractions.

Projection Mapping for Davis Wright Tremaine

The creative team at Davis Wright Tremaine - Seattle, one of the largest litigation and law firms in the United States, recently got in touch to produce an eye catching backdrop for their upcoming after party.

After touring the 23rd floor of the 1201 Third Ave offices it was agreed that the exposed beams and architecture would be a perfect set of geometry to work with.

Projection mapping sought as the perfect way to highlight the features themselves as well as serve as a canvas to reinforce the beautiful art deco themes of the building.

As attendees networked and relaxed after the long conference the visuals fit the space complimented the atmosphere and raised the appeal and distinction the firm had sought.

Manatee Commune at the Wild Buffalo with CUBIX Stage Design

It's always a great time at a Manatee Commune show and recently a stage design was sought for an upcoming show at the Wild Buffalo.

The sound, stage presence, and mood inherent in the electronic meets live instrument sound necessitated an expressive stage design that filled the room but also kept the stage clear for the expressive moves of the artist.

To solve this equation a cadre of CUBIX Digital LED Bars and Moving Heads were used to keep the footprint minimal and the lighting impactful and live.

Bellingham Arts and Music Festival "Nook" Stage Design

B.A.M.F., as known colloquially, is an emerging arts and music festival home to the northwest corner of Washington State near Bellingham.

Hosted at the Lookout Arts Quarry the site sports a multitude of environments from forest, to fields, to watering holes, to some pretty uniquely nestled in the woods stages.

Which brings us to "The Nook" Stage which featured the Secret Sounds Bellingham Silent Disco System as well as a lineup of local electronic artists and producers.

Fitting the enclosed space and nested feeling of jamming through wireless headphones a stage design was sought that dovetailed nicely with the vibes and the vines. To achieve this x100 pieces of the Arborealis Tree Lighting were brought in and linked together in an immersive backdrop of dynamic light that cycled all night.

Thank you to the excellent production team and to all who came out and grew the 2nd annual Bellingham Arts and Music Festival!

Permanent Arborealis Tree Lighting in Downtown Bellingham

The new Arborealis Tree Lighting System is up on Commercial St and just in time for the Summer!

The system, formally known as “SynchroTreeCity” from KAPOW! 2015, is an arrangement of custom lights and electronics which produces a beautiful twinkling, cascading, scintillating display of light that moves intelligently between dot-to-dot, limb-to-limb, and tree-to-tree every night from 8m - 2am.

When a multitude of simple agents, the discrete illuminated “dots”, work together more complex patterns can “emerge” from the dynamics than could ever be intuited by just observing a single instance. This behavior is seen all throughout nature and even in our modern technological world. It is a theme that is time and scale independent and carries with it a simple yet sophisticated beauty. A way to truly blend the natural and the digital.

Thank you so much to the City of Bellingham, Washington for their support, The Whatcom County Association of Realtors and Paula Brown for their economic contributions, as well as the Downtown Bellingham Partnership and Rose Lathrop for their guidance.

It is such a pleasure to be able to contribute to the artistic scene in downtown BellinghamMake sure to enjoy a nice snack or drink from Brandywine Kitchen and the Uisce Irish Pub right across the way and take in the view this summer!

Stage Lighting at the Wild Buffalo with Vindata and Electric Mantis

The Wild Buffalo is a great venue for music and entertainment here in Bellingham. It also features a large stage with ample connections which makes it a great platform for the Sensebellum blend of stage lighting design.

Recently, the opportunity came up to bring out a set of the CUBIX Digital LED Bars with the an assortment of moving head lights and strobes for the show. This looks worked great with the unique electronic sound of the artists - Vindata, Electric Mantis, and Episcool.

The Digital LED Bars and the custom steel bases allow for rich color, dynamic patterns, and adds a true 3rd dimension of depth for any stage design. Mix in the moving head beams and some great strobes for good taste and the lights can match any mood, beat, or drop the artists bring out for the night.

Sensebellum Wild Buffalo Lighting Company Vindata Bellingham VJ Projection Mapping 68 copyy.png