Projection Mapping on Geology at Famous Rock Climbing Feature

Rock climbing and projection mapping go together like orange juice and waffles. It's a great combo that you wouldn't expect but awesome in every way.

Here are a few shots from a recent trip to the Feathers at the Frenchman Coulee near Vantage, WA with Endless Film Production and Mountainmind

Outdoors and off grid can make for a challenge but this combo of projected light and a clear sky with climbers "climbing on" in the distance was a perfect backdrop for some fun with mapping and geology.

Sensebellum Projection Mapping on Feathers Washington Fenhcman Coulee Outdoor Lighting 5555.jpg

Capitol Hill Block Party 2017 Urban Seattle Projection Mapping

The annual Capitol Hill Block Party is a supreme way to spend some of the most beautiful summer days in Seattle. Sensebellum brings to the table a unique mix of projection mapping, custom 3D visual content, live video mixing, and integration of real time video beamed from the main stage and onto the urban architecture in precise and mind blowing ways.

This all comes to life for 3 days on multiple buildings and multiple stories surrounding the main stage. 15,000 people all gather to listen and see the action. However, the streets make for a long corridor that strains visibility after some distance. By leveraging the projection mapping and live video we can create a new way to visually enjoy the concert even if you are a 1/4 mile away, in the beer garden, or just relaxing outside of the main pit.

Either way, it is always a hit and it is a great time working with such a professional team to provide a useful mix of what it is we do best. Read the full write up on the CHBP project in the portfolio here.

Sensebellum Capitol Hill Block Party 2017 Projection Mapping Seattle Urban Creative Company Firm  42 copy.jpg
Sensebellum Capitol Hill Block Party 2017 Projection Mapping Seattle Urban Creative Company Firm  41 copy.jpg
Sensebellum Capitol Hill Block Party 2017 Projection Mapping Seattle Urban Creative Company Firm  40 copy.jpg

Concert Visuals with Odesza - Then & Now

There's something in the water around the Pacific Northwest / Washington / Seattle area - Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, Starbucks, Odesza, and perhaps one day Sensebellum. Whatever the case, there is a trend of groups and companies starting small and then growing big to do amazing things around these mountains and waters. 

The boys at Odesza are no different. It has been a pleasure to watch, listen, and work with them as they grew from their first album and sold out show at the Wild Buffalo to where they are now - rocking a packed stadium at Bumbershoot (while being live holographically projected onto a fountain a 1/4 mile away), touring the world, and practically living as a household name.

It has been an honor to work with them. Fantastic work - keep it up!


DSC_6321 copy.jpg
Bumbershoot Sensebellum Projection Mapping Seattle Center Fountain Video Hologram Concert Company 32 copy.jpg

Winter at the EMP Sky Church with SOL

After the rains come The Pacific Northwest scene heads inside for a few months to dodge the drops and keep the show going.

There is no place better than the Experience Music Project's "Sky Church". This massive room has an even more massive LED wall, a large array of moving lights, and one of the best designed museums covering all things sound and music - a true audio visual playground.

We were invited to create and mix visuals for a performance by local Hip-Hop sensation, SOL. We met with him and got a feel for what he wanted to accomplish visually. We received some video footage from SOL's travels abroad and also composited some original clips.

Check out some shots from the performance gathered by Groove Merchant Northwest as well as a sizzle reel of the best visuals below.

Sensebellum EMP Sky Church MO POP LED Visuals Concert Seattle Sensebellum.jpg
Sensebellum EMP Sky Church MO POP LED Visuals Concert Seattle Sensebellum 2.jpg

SAM REMIX 2017 Interactive Tree Lighting

When the Seattle Art Museum hosts the summer version of the REMIX event series in the Olympic Sculpture Garden it is always a smashing good time! This year Sensebellum was invited to create a custom lighting installation that provided patrons with an interactive experience like no other.

Using a handful of 30' trees, 80+ neon lighting tubes, a MIDI controller, and a stereo system a jam station was realized that was a huge hit! People were given controls that only DJs and lighting designers get to play with. 

Each button on the controller corresponded with a unique pattern of light that jumped from tree to tree and also cued a special synthesizer sound that created a special blend of synesthesia that on Sensebellum can bring together.

Thank you to Philip and the Seattle Art Museum for such a great event once again!

Sensebellum SAM Remix Art Installation Tree Lighting Interactive Seattle museum copy.jpg

Summer Meltdown Music Festival 2017 Recap

Summer Meltdown is a gem of a music and arts festival located between the glorious White Horse Mountain and the Stillaguamish River. It is home to 4,000+ people for a 4 day romp in between trees and some stellar concert venues.

Each year Sensebellum is pleased to provide a one of a kind 3D projection mapped stage in the Late Night Tent, a mind bending geodesic interactive art zone, and help facilitating and coordinating scores of other art installations, yoga classes, and skill share workshops.

Here are a few tasty photos of the great times had where the river meets the mountain!

Sensebellum Summer Meltdown Music Festival Geodesic Interactive art Sensatorium19 copy.jpg
Sensebellum Summer Meltdown Music Festival Sensatorium12 copy.jpg
Sensebellum Summer Meltdown Music Festival Sensatorium23 copy.jpg

Fall is for Apples, and Projection Mapping

Welcome to Washington State in the Fall. Home of delicious apples and the season for some amazing projection mapping. Why now? Well when the sun shines less, but the weather is still nice, it is a perfect opportunity to light up the urban commons with a lively display of art and technology.

For instance, take the Flatiron Building in downtown Bellingham. It is owned and operated by Faithlife and in 2014 they hired Sensebellum to create a custom engineered system for year round outdoor video mapping on their 5-story headquarters.

This is a great way not only to attract more people to the downtown area but also serve as a canvas for local artists to showcase creative motion graphics.

You can see it in the full glory year round on the weekends between sunset and 11pm

Whether is is permanent or a temporary event, Sensebellum has your projection mapping needs covered!

See the full project report here.

Sensebellum Projection Mapping Bellingham Washington Creative COmpany Light Art Urbna Fall Faithlife.jpg

Welcome to the Sensebellum Blog!

There are so many amazing projects that do not make the final cut for the portfolio but are none the less a labor of love and work of art that need to see the light of day! This is the spot. Welcome to the Sensebellum Blog.

Here you can find all the hidden gems, all the behind the scenes goodies, all the subtle details that paint the whole picture of Sensebellum - interactive art and technology blended through the senses in the physical space with plenty of friends and good times!

From Seattle to Bellingham, Washington to Portland, down the West Coast to San Francisco, stopping by San Diego and Los Angeles, headed to the East Coast and NYC, visiting the south; we are all over and this blog will showcase all of the good times abroad.

Projection mapping to interactive art, large scale immersive installations, custom engineered systems, 3D Printing, workshops and gatherings, music festivals, concert lighting, art galleries, and beyond - the body of this creative company knows no borders.

Welcome and thank you!

Sensebellum Projection Mapping Seattle Washington Interactive art company creative.jpg