Topographic Mural for Local brewery

Murals too? That's right, however we can blend art and technology to bring people together in the physical space for a good time!

Case in point is this lovely topographic mural design and painted for Boundary Bay Brewery here in Bellingham, WA. By using projection mapping, a few lasers, a lift, and some awesome artists a mural of epic proportions was realized in just a few nights.

Featuring an artistic interpretation of the surrounding waterways, including "Boundary Bay" itself, the artwork features depth markers, cities, bays, rivers, and was hand painted by an awesome crew including Zach Thompson, Emma Young, Casey J Scalf, and Piper Crabtree.

Thank you Boundary Bay and thank you Bellingham for being awesome!

Custom Stage Design and Scenery for Dave B at The Showbox Market

Custom is as custom does.

From design, to fabrication, programming, setup, show, strike, and all the rest Sensebellum has your back when it comes to producing certified fresh lights for any event.

Major thank you goes out to POSSI for inviting Sensebellum to provide such for the Seattle favorite Dave B at the legendary Showbox Market recently.

Sensebellum was tasked with creating a vibe, a set design, and a color scheme that played off of the initial notes and awesome existing neon signage. Something that stands out without taking up a ton of room. You gotta let the stage breathe.

The solution was x6 2m segments of custom DMX addressable "Marquee Light" columns pre-mounted to truss, a 24" mirrorball, a bunch of movers, strobes, plants, haze, and the right touch to keep it all on time for each beat.

Thank you to all involved and we'll see you at the next one!

City of Redmond Purchases CUBIX Modular Staging System

Thank you City of Redmond for your recent purchase of x10 CUBIX Cubes!

It was our pleasure to build these and ship them in custom made fight cases. Professional, safe, stackable, and they of course fit through standard 30” doors.

We are so excited to see all the creative ways Redmond uses them in their upcoming public events and gatherings over the next few months!

Holiday Projection Mapping at Pacific Place in Downtown Seattle, WA

The Holidays are quite the season downtown and Pacific Place returned to Sensebellum curious about how to engage a rather mundane section of scaffolding in the main atrium of the mall as the renovations carried through the season.

After exploring many options and considering “Holiday Sing-Along” traditions at the mall the team chose projection mapping as the best solution to engage a 50’ wide by 80’ tall section of fabric tightly fit to the face of the scaffolding.

Part of the touch was getting the right amount of light on the surface. For that we opted for a quad projector setup featuring 92k lumens of light!

Pure white light is nothing without a little distinction. For this content creation portion we worked with Pacific Place’s creative team to draft multiple versions of custom animations to match hand picked songs. “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” and so many more tunes played through a top notch BOSE sound system every evening on the mark of 5 and 6 PM.

Words bobbed and lit up across the screen as holiday adventurers sang along and enjoyed the evening on the larger than life screen.

See it running through the spring each night with new content at the Pacific Place mall in downtown Seattle.

Projection Mapping at the Paramount Theater's 90th Anniversary

The Paramount Theater in downtown Seattle, WA is an incredible historic venue built with the craft and artistry of long ago, yet still putting on a show!

When it came time to celebrate the 90th Anniversary the Seattle Theater Group (STG) reached out to Sensebellum to seek ways of lighting up the lobby and interior proscenium in grandiose fashion!

Projection mapping and addressable uplighting were clear choices and they catered well to the rich detail of the room’s architecture.

As the lobby was lit with rich color the real show was happening in the Grand Hall. Shows by Death Cab for Cutie, speeches by Pramila Jayapal, and plus stand up comedy!

For each set a custom cast of architecture aware visuals were created that traced out the beautiful edges of the room, lit up the panels, and playfully engaged with the arches.

Many thanks to the team at STG for the opportunity and great hospitality!

Best Tips for using an Intel NUC Haydes Canyon with Windows 10 in an Art Installation

The Intel NUC Series of computers by Intel are great tools for realizing computer based art installations.

They are small, compact, plenty of I/O, plenty of power, the ability to work on them yourself with threaded mounts, K-Lock - the list goes on and on.

When it comes to getting these ready for long term play the last thing one would want is some system message popping up 2 weeks in and ruining all of the fun.

For that, here are some tips on how to prepare an Intel NUC Haydes Canyon with Windows 10 Professional for art installations.

Here are the steps:

  1. Auto Power on after crash - Found in BIOS (Tap F2 on start).

  2. No Password on login.

  3. Turn off system sounds - No “dunk” system sounds if an error occurs.

  4. Turn off auto updates.

  5. Remove taskbar from secondary screens.

  6. Turn off taskbar notifications.

  7. Turn off auto screen sleep.

  8. Enable seconds in clock.

  9. Disable auto reopen programs on reboot.

  10. Turn background black.

  11. Disable glowing skull.

Interior 270º Projection Mapping for the Fox Theater in Spokane, WA

The Fox Theater is a downtown destination in Spokane, WA. The 1931 Art-Deco architecture inside was another unbelievably prime canvas for our blend of custom content creation and projection mapping.

The project was to create a stunning set of projection mapped visuals to play along with the symphony below. From scratch.

First, an accurate 3D model of the room was made. Next, templates and precise blueprints were designed and all of the content was drafted. When it came time for the projections to shine all of the pixels fit to the walls, sconces, arches, and edges in ways that brought the songs and space to life for sold out back-to-back showings. Truly a wondrous glow of old meets new.

Find out how to bring your space to life by saying hello in the link below!

POSSI Winter Formal Stage Design at FRED Wildlife Refuge in Capitol Hill

Crafting one-of-a-kind event lighting and stage designs for POSSI and FRED Wildlife Refuge go together like a Tuxedo and a dress. Together like a limousine and a reservation. Like champagne and strobes. Yeah, kind of like that too really.

Case in point was the epic annual show known as the “POSSI Winter Formal”. Sensebellum was invited to craft a unique mix of stage lighting design, projection mapping, and projection mapped visuals for the 3rd year. This goal was met with a specific selection of custom Sensebellum lighting fixtures and structures such as the CUBIX LED Bars and Moving Head Lights to achieve a wall of light with integrated moving head lights and strobes. This reflected off of the balloon arch and filled the room with bright color and crisp motion.

Even though it is a huge space it is crucial to specify the design ahead of time. With the balloon arch, the visuals, the artists performing, and the gathering of well dressed folks - space was at a premium and the design needed to fit the vibe. Upon installation it all fit like a high thread count glove and the show went off super smooth into the early morning hours.

Thank you to POSSI and the FRED Wildlife team!

Looking for some jazzy lights at your next event?