POSSI Winter Formal Stage Design at FRED Wildlife Refuge in Capitol Hill

Crafting one-of-a-kind event lighting and stage designs for POSSI and FRED Wildlife Refuge go together like a tuxedo and a dress. Go together like a limousine and a reservation. Like champagne and strobes. Yeah, kind of like that too really.

Case in point was the epic annual know as the “POSSI Winter Formal”. Sensebellum was invited to craft a unique mix of stage lighting design, projection mapping, and live control of the visuals and lights. This goal was met with a specific selection of custom Sensebellum lighting fixtures and show controls such as the CUBIX LED Bars and Moving Head Lights.

Even though it is a huge space it is crucial to specify the design ahead of time. With the balloon arch, the visuals, the artists performing, and the gathering of well dressed folks - space was at a premium. Upon installation it all fit like a high thread count glove and the show went off super smooth into the early morning hours.

Thank you to POSSI and the FRED Wildlife team!

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Winter Solstice LED Tunnel in downtown Bellingham

The Winter Solstice is a real good reason to celebrate! No matter your latitude the longest night needs just a bit of light at the end of the tunnel and that we did via 12 sections of structured LED for the Bellingham Commercial Street Night Market - Solstice Edition this last December.

By using a heap of our signature CUBIX LED Bars we created a literal tunnel which served as part entry and exit to and from the event.

As patrons filed into the immersive experience each bar twinkled and shimmered in full color anticipation of all the fun festivities inside. The tunnel was engineered to be just wide enough for lots of people at once , just the right for all - even with a kid on your shoulders, as well as visible from throughout at every angle.

The LED Tunnel is all weather ready for conditions sunny, hot, cold, and wet. To boot it sets up in mere hours and can run all night. Ask about our special interactive integration for even more incredulity upon introduction.

Summer's End Music Festival on the Bellingham Waterfront

What a great Summer! Bellingham really came alive with the “Aftersounds” event series, to the new park, a blossoming community, and the Summer’s End Music Festival at Zuanich Point Park to close out the Summer concert season.

When the call came to create a space out of thin air for the Bellingham Sounds Silent Disco a geodesic dome was chosen and Sensebellum had the solution ready-to-roll!

By opting for the 30’ diameter “Aluminum Dome” we were able to setup in a mere 2 hours and provide a space with an aesthetic that sparked the vibes and provided structure for good times plus interest for the eye! Add a few RGB LED uplights and the stage was set for a great afternoon and evening down on the waterfront.

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Exterior Projection Mapping on Geodesic Domes at Imagine Festival

Projection mapping onto the interior surface of a geodesic dome can be a tricky task. Yet, the result is stunning and very immersive. Well worth the effort!

Sensebellum was recently tasked with projection mapping onto the exterior of such a geodesic dome for the Imagine Music Festival in Doe Bay on Orcas Island, Washington State.

After much brainstorming and creative ideation a set of looks were crafted to augment the exterior surface of the dome with our blend of projection mapping. Of course, it was only prudent to use NASA imagery from which to project images and geometric abstractions of the Earth onto the spherical surface.

The look was stunning and right on point. It complimented the existing Earth related art installations and became a talking point as different sections of the planet rotated subtly over the surface all night.

Interactive Light Art Installation at Seattle Art Museum's "SAM Lights" 2018

The Olympic Sculpture Garden is a gem of the downtown Seattle waterfront scene and is open nearly year round for sweeping views of the city, waterways, and mountains if the clouds happen to clear.

Every year the Seattle Art Museum opens up the park an night for a special celebration of lights at night by the name “SAM Lights”.

This year Sensebellum was invited back after a fun exploration of the trees in 2017 to now activate the western walkway with a ground based installation.

Each Sensebellum installation is a touch stone for the nexus of art, technology, and human interaction. In this new piece, “Emergent Chorus”, this theme was explored via 24 custom outdoor digital LED light fixtures that were controlled via input from an audio/visual MIDI keyboard. Each key made a funky synthesizer sound and triggered the lights from left to right, mirroring the keys.

From single notes to full on symphonies it was enjoyable to see so many people step up and become kids again while exploring the world of synaesthesia via the timeless piano as an interface.

Thank you to the Seattle art Museum team and all those who came by to say hi that night!

Sensebellum LED Light Art SAM Seattle Art Museum Artist Company Event Installation Interactive 89 copy.jpg

The Sandbox of Life featured at Redmond Lights

The Sandbox of Life strikes again with a three-peat exhibition at the City of Redmond’s, “Redmond Lights”, near Seattle, Washington this winter.

The event spanned many blocks and featured all the amenities from classic Pacific Northwest cold weather, warm snacks, fireworks, lots of light art, and a culmination in the new downtown park. The park sparks the new core of the city and the Sandboxes were ready to entertain and engage with three modes: Laser, Conway’s Game of Life, and the 3D Earth Simulator.

Young and old were able to feel like kids again and easily step into this highly curious immersive art installation in an intuitive fashion.

It’s sand.

You play with it.

And then some more.

Pretty soon you are hooked and making new friends exploring these naturally digital worlds.

360º Immersive Projection Mapping and Lighting at the Tacoma Union Station

The Tacoma Union Station is an architectural gem from a time not too long ago. The enormous rotunda dome and the interior features make for a spectacular event space and

Sensebellum is happy to provide the utmost in immersive visual experiences with our turn key projection mapping and lighting packages.

The custom Sensebellum blend of software, hardware, and specific knowledge of the space means all you have to do is enjoy the tastiest fruits of our modern art and technology.

360º Projection Mapping at "On ICE!" 2018 a smash hit once again!

The Neptune Theater in Seattle, WA is a fantastic theater with plenty of character and surfaces for projection mapping. Pair this immersive visual experience with The Smokey Brights, The True Loves, Cumulus, and others and the night took off!

Core to making the magic happen is a special blend of the right hardware, software, systems design, and custom content creation. This way every pixel fits the space as the architecture comes to life via video art mixed in realtime to the performance.

Special thanks to Do206, the Neptune staff, the bands, and all the fans!

Check out the original “On Ice!” with Manatee Commune.