Once again, we could not resist traveling to the middle of the Pacific ocean for one of the world's leading interactive art festival.

To say nothing of the art - SOURCE has it going on over there.

From growing food from composted waste that feeds the festival, to working with organic farmers only a mile away to bring the best and freshest to the table - the loop is closed. Take this raw jungle atmosphere and mix provocatively with cutting edge digital experiences and you are left with a truly amazing nexus of old and new perspectives.

The original sandbox of life augmented reality art installation using projection mapping at SOURCE arts festival

After writing a grant for an interactive mapping installation last year, we wanted to focus on bringing out more interactive and leaving out all the interface - we wanted it to be dead simple but extremely engaging. It was almost instantly that we thought of our feedback code and began the process of fitting this into the "MuseArium" space.

The Sandbox of Life interactive art installation with projection mapping and augmented reality sand and topography
beautiful projection mapping using creative video and visuals

On site, in a form of almost instant new media collaboration, Sensebellum teamed up with local, Scott Provonsha, to unify his sand/sound cymatics installation with our feedback cellular automata setup and magic happend.

Created and coded on the spot, featuring almost infinite exploration of possibilities within the box, it shook us to the core of what we thought possible with digital media and interactive art. Then it blew us away again to see people young and old, tech and woodsy, totally get the box and how to play with it. Safe to say, you may be seeing Sensebellum's Sandbox of Life somewhere near you sometime very soon!

In addition to all described above, we were able to fully employ our "Simpl" video mixing platform 100% of the time and even hand it out to a few beta testers. On top of this we recorded on site and mixed a few moments laters, clips from in and around the SOURCE site which we are now excited to offer you as some great original visual loops. See more on that here.