The Arborealis Dynamic Tree Lighting System is a network of LED light fixtures spanning large spaces that when lit up creates a breathtaking immersive experience as patterns of light and color jump from tree to tree in dazzling scintillations.

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Fully at home for the holidays, just a season, as well as
multi-year tenures in any environment from a downtown urban city core all the way to an apple orchard or music festival venue.



Simple, reliable, and sure to be a stunning visual crowd pleaser at every event and location.

The core of the system are arrangements of Digital LED RGB tubes that are not only individually addressable but are fully waterproof. These are controlled and powered from discrete control boxes which can be scaled from a handful of trees to entire city blocks. Each tree acts as a node in the network and creates a larger and more expansive canvas for lighting with each addition.

Basic shot of the sandbox of life interactive art isntallation using augmented reaelity and topographic sand


LED Tubes - These are a classic and offer a beautiful neon-esque addition to the trees. Come sin sizes of 3' - 6' and we have hundreds in stock.

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Dot Pixels - These are a fun twist that can be wrapped around tree limbs to highlight the beautiful branching structure of trees while also lighting up the night.

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Floating Shapes - These configurations of the LED tubes are a great way to offer some stunning geometric contrast to the beautiful organic structure of the trees. 

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With the Arborealis and Sensebellum at the helm setup is a breeze and showtime is always on time.

As well, careful consideration is taken into account so that the trees are not damaged and the lighting fixtures are secure in any weather from sunshine to snow storms.

Add to that the fact that every component is weather proof and rigorously tested and you have a winning recipe for turning heads and attracting gazes towards the skies every night.

By using our special blend of hardware and software we have optimized the setup times to be quick and the controls to be hidden and flexible. Anything from gentle rolling patterns to sound reactive lighting, motion reactive lighting, all the way to temperature and wind reactivity. Yes, it really can happen. 

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