The event was geared around raising awareness and funds for their
non-profit Worldreader which helps bring literacy to children and families all around the world.

When Amazon came to us with the idea for this project we were beyond thrilled! They wanted us to get creative and design a world map for their Kindle Art Exhibition that would turn heads and be a center piece for their event at the beautiful Axis Pioneer Square art gallery in downtown Seattle. 

Interactive Laser Cut Art Installation for Amazon in Seattle


We started by coming up with the design for the map and pins and running it by Amazon. We didn't want it to be a standard map. We wanted it to be something that could convey a sense of new and old at the same time and feel special to those beholding it.

For the pins, this was an opportunity for people to have their own part of making the piece come full circle by writing on the pin a book they had read on a Kindle and placing it where they had read it on the map. We wanted to make the pins feel special to the touch to capture the value of each experience. Once the design came together and we had Amazon's approval, we were ready to start creating!