Sensebellum is a company founded by Casey Scalf in 2011 specializing in multi-sensory interactive art & technology experiences that bring people together in the physical space.


The core of Sensebellum is the space where the senses mix, people come together, and real-deal open-ended learning and entertainment take place.

"Starting with a life long fascination in electronics, a love for the wilderness, and a keen eye towards the future I have felt compelled to explore these areas of art and technology and to combine them into unique, yet useful forms. I started this company to participate in the coming age of ubiquitous computing and decentralized abundance.
It is my pleasure to take on these challenges and bring the fruit to bear for the rest of the world to see in beautiful, interesting, and thought-provoking ways.This is Sensebellum."
- Casey Scalf, Founder

The word "Sensebellum" is part "senses" and part "cerebellum"; the nexus where it all comes together. By leveraging technology we can create beautiful new forms of art, models for business, and avenues for communication and collaboration.

Born out of Bellingham, Washington, Sensebellum specializes in projection mapping, interactive art, stage design, creative code, and much more. Sensebellum is a company of 1: Casey Scalf. However, frequent collaborations and a diverse cast of projects often bring others into the house of Sensebellum. By opting for a flexible staff and lean overhead, projects can be taken on, completed, and grown rapidly without the burden of staffing, campuses, and other institutions.

Find out more about Casey here.