Ably Apparel Outdoor Projection Mapping Installation

  • DATE November, 2018

  • LOCATION Queen Anne, Seattle, WA

  • CLIENT Ably Apparel

  • PROJECT TYPE Projection Mapping Installation

Projection mapping is an incredibly engaging tool for drawing the eyes of passerby to your location in creative and artistic ways.

This is exactly what Ably Apparel was looking for: a creative way to activate their new location and product line with an eye catching display. After getting in touch with their creative team we designed and fabricated a custom solution for year round outdoor projection mapping on their downtown Seattle, WA 2-story wall.



How to achieve an outdoor projection mapping system?

There are the main obstacles of such a system are rain, snow, sun, cold, wind, and seagull. Not to mention the software, hardware, enclosures, A/C systems, welding, and beyond.

There needed to be a turn-key solution for businesses and creative groups to use that would allow easy, reliable, and effective outdoor projection mapping.



With years of experience in the domains of video, software, hardware, and systems design Sensebellum is able to offer a unique solution to the problem of outdoor permanent projection mapping installations.

By creating the entire assemblage from design, to fabrication, programing, delivery, and training we can keep a tight timeline and ensure the components work in perfect harmony.

For Ably Apparel we designed 2 custom aluminum enclosures to hold the hardware and twin 6k lumen projectors. It is kept dry from the rain. Cool from the heat. Hot in the cold. Sees in the dark. And keeps to the customizable projection and content schedule like a fine time piece.

All the creative team at Ably Apparel has to do is have fun creating new content. Then they easily upload the video to the projection mapping software. Schedule when they want it to play. Then check in via remote video connection from anywhere in the word to see how it looks on the wall.

This is the Sensebellum solution to permanent outdoor projection mapping.


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