• DATE January, 2017

  • LOCATION ROSS Alley, Chinatown, San Francisco, CA


  • PROJECT TYPE Permanent Projection Mapping Installation

The Ross Alley in San Francisco's Chinatown is a space rich in history and culture. 

In 2016 the 41 ROSS Art Gallery asked Sensebellum to design and install a permanent outdoor projection mapping system that would display video curated by Bay Area artists in the alleyway.

Long shot at night of the streets in Chinatown

The videos by area artist, Summer Lee, captured overhead views of the ocean. The view of the natural in an urban theatre combined with the symbolic significance of the ocean in Summer's video piece "Liminal Space/Crossings".



Simple. Effective. A real crowd pleaser every night. 

The system is perfectly suited for it's environment and tailored for exactly what the client needed.

There were a few design constraints that were unique to the project - the look, size, and user operability were important. Using our blend of custom software and hardware we were able to achieve a perfect balance. We opted for an aluminum housing to keep it lightweight and resistant to the salty weather. As well as installed several remote monitoring options that allowed the curators to easily upload new video and check on the system from anywhere.

This all came together for much fan fare in January 2017 as many gathered for the grand unveiling.